Blog Feature: Les Femmes Aux Cheveux Courts

Very honored and excited to have our images featured on the French Blog: “Les Femmes aux Cheveux Courts.” by Jean Emmanuel Grivelet, lovely read! Model: Kat Ginsburg - Direction: Yasmin Deliz - Make-up: Damaris Santana - Hair: La Tondeuse - Lighting: Rene Gomez and Photography by yours truly :)

English Translation:

Often, in the periods of renewal, end-of-year celebrations, New Year's Day, this desire to challenge oneself or to take great resolutions seizes us. What a funny idea is it not?

Surprisingly, we will find in this list of things to do, at least once in our lives for some, to shave our heads. Something that seems completely crazy in the eyes of ordinary mortals, so concerned about their image, but yet makes sense in terms of rebirth and remittance of counters ... to zero!

The reasons are all personal and sometimes rooted in the most secret privacy, but in the end it is all the same to pass all this hair, abundant or not, long or already short, through the blades of clippers. A gesture with sacrificial, expiatory or, conversely, liberating allure. In any case anything but harmless because this "amputation", as painless as it may be, is nonetheless a separation of a part of oneself from oneself. It may be that this choice seems frightening at first. So many questions arise ... However, if we observe well, there is around us this form of banality that exists today, to see small shaved heads. A visibility that remotely remembers the lugubrious aspect of memories of war or the throes of illness. It would be a question of liberation and exaltation of this freedom. An obvious break with everyday life, routine, standardization, diktats, consumption and this "before" life. Before having the courage to appear naked, as in itself, like an infant at birth.

For some, it will be a "one shot", as soon as the clippers are rested, we will start waiting for a regrowth, for others a period, indeterminate, where the desire to renew the gesture will be more urgent every month, every week and a new lifestyle associated with this proud and free pace. It can take a long time, years. How to go back? It may be a new year and new resolutions …